Witton Lakes



  1. I rember the rowing boat kept under the cafe.In our summer hols we caught fish with a sack Remeber there was a slope steps made as an over flow but I never saw it used .We used to catch the fish at the bottom of that slope.Had some great night sneaking in at night with the girls [ I didnt say that]

  2. Growing up I lived very close to Witton Lakes Park and spent so many days there over the years. My eldest brother played cricket there in the summer and we used to go and watch, My youngest brother and I would take our fishing nets and catch minnows to take home in a jam jar. We envied the lads with hessian sacks who would scoop up lots of little fish at once.

    We used to take our sledge when it snowed and ride down the hill
    towards the second lake. Such fun with lots of people doing the
    same thing. I remember watching baseball teams playing there at
    one time. Very different to anything seen before in sports.

    I also remember the fun fairs that came from time to time, just smaller versions of the Onion Fair at Witton every year.

    Have memories of watching the model boat group sailing their models
    often on Sundays on the second lake. It was always fascinating to see
    these radio controlled model craft racing about on the water.

    I live a few thousand miles away from Witton Lakes these days but when I visit Birmingham I always make a visit to the Park which hasn’t really changed very much over the years. So many happy memories of
    days spent playing there.

  3. I fell in the lake I must have been about 6 thought I was going to drown

  4. I fell in the lakes when I was ver Young

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