Hare and Hounds pub

Memories of the Hare and Hounds pub

Hare and Hounds pub in the late 1920’s


Courtesy of Lee Lewis

Hare and Hounds in 2011



  1. I remember the Hair and hounds pub quite well, it was next to the old kingstanding post office and paper shop owned by old Miss Ryan. there was an entry on the left hand side of the post office so you could get around the back where there were long unkept gardens, from there we would climb into the H& H beer garden where they kept crates of empty beer bottles when the beer garden was closed, we used to borrow a few of the empty’s and take them around to the outdoor at the front of the pub and collect the 2 Pence on each bottle, couldn’t do it too often though.

    • Hi Alan
      so thats where you got your money from I always thought you had a paper round ! I remember going into the H/H climbing over the fence on to that shed and scrumping apples.I also recall during the war the american soldiers ( the Yanks ) sitting all along the wall outside the H/H and sending us young lads to fetch Fish and Chips from across the road ,they always gave us far too much money which we used to buy our own chips.I also remember the air-raid shelter across the road from the H/H. where we spent many a happy hour chasing around in the dark

  2. I used to live next door to the Hare and Hounds in the Bungalow I did exactly the same with the empty beer bottles until they got wise and ripped the labels.I delivered newspapers from the post office for five years and knew Miss Ryan and her brother very well.

  3. These pictures of the Hare n Hounds bring back alot of memmories for me
    as my Uncle Jack Buck was the Landlord there for many years.My Dad Douglas and his pals spent many happy times there they were keen pigeon fliers and held a club there for local pigeon fanciers. Hello to anyone who knew them, sadly both have passed away now,but the memmories remain.

  4. Can anyone tell me how many terraces there were at the back of the hare and hounds before you reached the centre terrace overlooking the marvellous bowling green. Do if they remember landlord Mr Lowe who wore sandy coloured plus 4s (or 6s) and had a diseased nose through (I was led to believe) sniffing too many roses. Does anyone also remember old Ernie who worked in the cellars??

  5. I was delighted to find these pictures! I’ve been living in Canada for 40 years so it’s nice to see a bit of my past. My grandparents Roland & Edith Hurley who lived at 5 Atlantic Road for 50 yrs drank there regularly with their friends – Tom & Marcia & Fred & Beulah Rochelle’s from the butchers shop. My father David Howe & uncle John also went often. I think my dad was a bit of a rabble rouser there 😦
    Got his ticket a few times as I recall.

  6. I used to live there from around 1970 – 1982 ish, my Father was the licensee John Thomas Buck and my Mother was Joan. I have many many fond recollections of living there and many of the regulars and staff too.
    Sorry to hear Uncle Dougie has passed away Valerie. The last time I saw him was when my Dad gave him my dog Sherry, it broke my heart. Such sad news.
    My mum Joan passed away last year too bless her soul, she lived with my wife and I till she passed. I hope they are all enjoying a lovely reunion.

    • Hi Mark ive seen your post re Hare n Hounds pub, im sorry to hear you lost your mom, i remember both your mom and dad , most kf your dads bros have gone now so sad. I loved sherry too !! didnt know she was your dog mark, she was so gentle and sweet, we had her for many yrs.

  7. I remember my Dad got his ticket from there – more than once!!!

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