Memories of council homes in Kingstanding

Memories of Janet Crowe talking of homes in the 1960’s

‘ Houses in Newstead road were on small hall stairs straight in from 3 bedrooms , downstairs reasonable size living room and kitchen the bathroom was off the kitchen and the toilet was outside…. I remember having cut up squares of paper in the loo !. We had quite a long garden all the local kids played in it much to my Dad’s horror ! we had an entry between us and next door and we used to play in there a lot with a tennis ball in a pair of my Mom’s tights banging up the Wall !! not for long tho !!!
My Dad was a Carpenter so our house was really nice all wood panels over the chimney breast with a picture in the middle.’

Memories of Frances Fletcher talking of homes in the 1940’s

I was born at 136 Twickenham Road in 1946 on the landing and put into a dressing table draw as i had know cot but soon got one of a neighbour, the house had a small living room with a lovely coal fire and oven’s by the side of the fire , my mom kept our pjs and vests and liberty bodice in the oven to keep warm in the winter , everyone hated the liberty bodice it had big rubber buttons down the front , my dad kept snow fire in the oven too it was kept soft for when we came home from school to put on our knee’s and back of our hands , as the cold got to them and made them very sore , the girl’s could not wear trousers then we had socks to just under our knee’s and it was so cold in the deep snow in the winter .
The Kitchen’s and the hall ways had red cardial floor’s which our mom’s kept clean and had to cardial them every week on their hands and knee’s and we had what they called a dolly tub and a bosh to do the washing in, later on though we had a boiler with a ringer attached to it , much easier .washing drying and ironing was all done on a Monday , and bath night was always Sunday night, know one got more than one bath a week as they couldn’t afford to heat the water up everyday for baths and you had to share your bath too with your brothers and sisters , me being the youngest though did get the bath to myself as the others were growing up . also in the kitchen there was a big cupboard that you could walk in , the coal was kepy in there , the coal my brothers had to fetch from the coal yard in an old pram .



  1. I was born in 1941 on the Council Estate I can remember the address even now 28 Crayford Road Kingstanding Birmingham. I left there when I was about 8 and came to Australia. My Father was Reg Newton my mother was Lillian. They divorced and my Mother continued to live at that address after she remarried and her name was Leedham. She passed away about 1984. The house was one of four the two middle ones had an alley in the middle so they could get around the back.We had an end house with a bay Window and Dad paved all the front garden with paving slabs. We also had a privet hedge around the garden. I remember going in and then left into living room which then went into kitchen and bathroom off that and coal cupboard, upstairs were three bedroooms. Toilet was attached to the house but outside to the right of the back door. We had bath night on Sunday night and because I was the youngest I was allowed in first. WE had 5 people living in the house and I slept in with my sister. My Brother Reg (17 years older) was in the Navy.
    I remember listening to Palm Court Orchestra on radio and PC 49. Toasting crumpets by the fire on a toasting fork. I remember liberty bodices and also poultices on our chests and some funny red flannel stuff they used to put on your chest under your clothes to ward off the cold, and shelling peas on the back step for Sunday roast. I used to go up the road with my ration book for some sweets. I also remember birthday parties where all the kids sat down at the big table and we had blacmange in the shape of rabbits. I had whopping cough when I was about 18 months and remember the air raid sirens.

    Memories of Jeanette Vickers (nee Newton) 1940’s

  2. Hi I was born at Alsbury Grove, 1942.I had a very hard life like so many others.going to school in shorts no matter how cold ….I had to go to fetch coal for my dad from the coal yard in .Alsbury Crescent I remember going in the winter and being so cold,getting back my dad put my feet in warm water to get them warmed up.My mum used to take a hot plate out of the old black lead oven and putting it in my bed to get it warm.We had just one fire and that was in the lounge.Outside toilet.I used to play in the street with my mates Graham Stevens and Alan Brookshaw…I would love to know where they are now and if they are still alive! I will be 70yrs old this may,and would love to talk to anyone who lived in my road that can remember me.I lived at number 11 and my name if Geoffrey Elliker.Thanks

    • sorry from my previous message my addresss was 11 Halsbury Grove not Alsbury…sorry

  3. The stories above bring back many memories especially the liberty bodice that was mentioned, my younger sister used to wear one of those, rather a strange name for something that was rather thick and tight don’t you think.
    Myself and two sisters lived in Atlantic road Kingstandind, it ran between Dyas road and Old Oscot lane, the house had two small living rooms downstairs and a very small kitchen, there were big bay windows upstairs and down at the front of the house that made it very cold during winter time, i remember we could lick pennies and stick them onto the inside of the Windows during winter, as we only used to light the coal fire in the back room
    to heat the water and keep warm as coal was rationed during the war…

  4. my name is clement watts nicknamed clemmy i was born in 1939 at 14 ensdon grove off ellerton rd the pimple was abck of me and the allotment my parents was from tower st summer lane i went to twickenham rd school 1st then warrenfarm untill 1954

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