Twickenham Primary school

Your memories of Twickenham primary school.

Twickenham primary school today

Twickenham Primary school

Mrs Wilson 1937-38 infants headmistress

1942 Miss McGowan was the juniors headmistress

Memories from John Jarrett of his father Lewis Jarrett

Twickenham Primary School ca 1940’s or 1950’s. Lewis Jarrett is on the back row and towards the left. Copyright John Jarrett

PE aparatus at Twickenham Road School. 1950’s. Source unknown

Memories of Valerie Roberts

School children dressed to dance at Twickenham Primary School June, 1953. Copyright Valerie Roberts

Children from Twickenham Junior school dressed up for dancing  on 14th June, 1953

I myself lived in Twickenham Rd so i attended the school in which i was in the group of Country dancers in which i loved we used to be in competition with other schools. Also i was always in the school sports as i was a good runner being chosen every time in the relay.Happy days yes they were.Although the teachers were very strict indeed.

Memories of Pauline Ravenscroft

I cannot recall there being any competions, but there may have been. We did however have a country dancing club which I think was on a Saturday afternoon and was held in Twickenham School. Children from other schools came The one thing I can remember (like many other people) is buying chocolate wagon wheels at these clubs and they seemed like about 12 inches across. Not the tiny things you get these days.

The photo you refer to was a play which we did and I seem to remember either we went to another school to do it or they came to us. It was not a speaking play it was a mime. We did a few others as well, but I have no photos of these.

There is only one girl on that photo who I am still in contact with, she is in fact my very good friend still and I did in fact see her over the New Year.
The one thing I can tell you about my Dad being caretaker of the school, and I am sure a lot of people will remember it, is him playing a musical instrument many times at assemblies and different occasions. He played a dulcimer, you may have heard of one, the one he played should have been played with hammers but he used plectrums.
I can’t remember Valerie Roberts, only a Valerie Owen, may be Roberts is her married name.

Memories of Jennifer Connor

Twickenham Road Primary school football team 1953. Copyright Jennifer Connor

Memories of Frances Fletcher

Mr Edwards and his class in 1956-57. Copyright Frances Fletcher

I started Twickenham Road when i was 4yrs old in the nursery i loved it , we played in the mornings and had a sleep on camp beds in the afternoon for an hour , I suppose that gave our teachers a rest lol.

Well we had a short sleep on fold up bed’s out side , and I was only there in the summer months i think they used to fold them up and put them in a cupboard afterwards , didn’t take much notice as i was only 4yrs old , there were not many in the nursery, they only took me on as I used to cry to go when my mom took my brother , the yr was 1951.
Then in the infants we started to read and write , and have fun, my sister Iris was a teacher then in the Junior’s , only for awhile , I can remember a couple of teacher’s in the infants Miss mc gillicuddy and miss hurrall,

Junior teacher were Mr Hill who you got the cane off if you played up , not me ,Mr Edwards everyone’s favourite teacher , Mr Ward and miss stocks, Mr Ward used to play the Violin and everyone had to sing Cherry Ripe. when my sister and brother were there it was war time and there was an airaid shelter they used to have to run too if the bomb’s were coming .
they had alittle garden patch at Twickenham school were all the children used to plant radishes and flower’s called Nastersion’s that you could eat, and look after them . then in 1953 it was the coronation there was a lovely party at school ,they had all tables put together in a long row and a buffet everyone had party’s in the street too , it was a wonderful day .

Memories of Tom Andrews from Roy Dillon.


Class photo from Twickenham Primary school. Copyright Roy Dillon


Class photo from Twickenham Primary school. Copyright Roy Dillon


Class play from Twickenham Primary school. Copyright Roy Dillon


Class photo from Twickenham Primary school. Copyright Roy Dillon

Memories of Kay Beail

Nativity play at Twickenham School in the 1960’s. Copyright Kay Beail



  1. […] Twickenham Road School football team photo from 1953 added. Read more… […]

    • How lovely to see my first school 9it looked just as I remember it and on Roys photos I can see my grandmas house in background. I started there in 1937/38 and remember Miss Ryder and Miss McGillicuddy (my great granddaughter loves to hear that name) Miss Wilson was head mistress. I so remember the cloakroom with the iron pegs and the little washbasins and at the top of the playground the tiny toilets. There was a lovely big picture of the Madonna high above Miss Wilsons desk and in the 1st class I used to play with a rubadub tub and a mangle which I loved. I moved with my gas mask to the juniors and remember Mr Hill Miss Masterson Miss Smith (she wasin the huts) Miss McGowan was the headmistress. Miss Smith used to bring has two scottie dogs on Fridays for us all to see. Despite air raid shelters and war time I loved my school and lived at 84 & 97 Twickenham Rd. maiden name Bartram. Happy Days.

  2. Hi all, I went to Twickenham Rd j&i from approx. 1964 – 1970. I have little memory of the infants, but for me the best teacher I ever had inthe junior school was Mr.T.W.Smith,sheer brilliant. I have also been told that Mrs.White is still alive & living in Kingstanding.


  3. I attended Twickenham Road nursery,Infants and Juniors and loved every minute of it.I thought that I had won an Olympic Gold medal when the letter came to say that I had passed my 11 plus.However, I hated the Grammar school and persuaded my mum to let me transfer to Warren Farm after about 6 months-so very happy there too.
    I would hate to be a school student today-teachers can’t or are not allowed to nurture students in the way that ours did.So sad.

  4. my mom was a cleaner in the late 60`s and 70`s at twickenham school her name was sally spence. i went to the school from 1965, i remember mr smith and miss white.

  5. Hi ive just spotted a name i recognise ALFIE H. could this be alfie Harvey !!
    do you live in parcestont crescent alfie ? I appologise if ive jumped the gun Alfie, but i think you knew my Mom and Dad Edna n Dougie Buck !! im Val ! do you have a Bro name Harry !! i hope so !! were you a window cleaner ?
    Sorry if im wrong but if im right please let me know. we lived in Halsbury Grove.

    • Sorry Val, I’m not the Alfie you knew. I came from Bendall Rd, & went to Kings Rise (1970 – 1975) I don’t have a brother, & I’ve never been a window cleaner.


    • Hello val its my uncles alf and harry my moms brothers, her name jean harvey

  6. my Dad went to twickenham road school as did all his brothers and sisters.My Dads name was Dougie Buck and he one of eleven children that lived in parkestont Crescent. his childhood friends included Alfie Harvey who lived near by in the crescent . Dad never spent much time in school,hated it and wagged it most of time.Think the truent officer was a regular visitor to their home. Dad would tell me about a teacher name Mr Hill who picked on him constantly,maybe Dad deserved it who knows ! seems pupils were verbally abused when they were kids at that time and the, teachers ruled with fear rather than with teaching skills,hence the truency !!
    My uncle Reg also remembers cruel teachers so it definatley had impact on their lives.
    I expect many people went to the school and enjoyed the time they spent
    there,everyone is diferent at the end of the day.
    I know the School is still open and has thrived which is important because Kingstanding has lost alot of its original secondary schools.

    • i new your uncle reg i was at school with him i started at twickenham in the nursary then infants then juniors untill i was nine then went to warrenfarm rd school be cause i was frightend of poppa hill a strict teacher your uncle used to play up lol and the swoffers ect. i looked very fragile and the teachers liked me they got me to sing in the big hall my email is whatson39:hotmail/com is your uncle reggy still alive

  7. Hi Val,
    Sorry to disappoint, Alfie isn’t my real name, I do not know how I got it, but I was called it in junior school & it just stuck with me right through ’til I left Kings Rise in 1975. I lived in Bendall Rd.

    • I was in your class Stephen, if I remember rightly from Mrs Beaston, Miss Hart, Miss Hawkins, Mr Smith younger, Mr Smith elder, & Mr Burton

      • Hi Anne, I remember them, though I think Mrs. White is in there some where.I do remember being removed from Mr. Burtons class & being ‘down streamed’ to Mr. Smith’s (the elder). I just did not get on with Mr. Burton, & it was decided it would be better all round if I was moved. T.W.Smith, best teacher I ever had.

  8. Hi
    My father, Walter Frank Parsons (known as Frank) was born in 1930 and attended Twickenham Road School. He was evacuated to Ripley, Derbyshire and spent many happy years with Raymond & Doris Leary who owned the local butchers shop in the centre of Ripley. He often talks about the memories of living in Ripley

  9. Hello, my name is Diane Stringer,I went to Twickenham Rd. when we moved to Shard End and the school had yet to be built.! we had to go by coach to school, I remember a few names from the coach crew, Rita Powers,Marcia Robbins, John Petts ,Tony Duggan and Alan Gardiner. I have an autograph book somewhere with the class names in from when we left to go to our New School, Alderlea Road. Shard End.I think it would be around 1955/6.

    • was johny stringer any relation to you

      • Hi, sorry no, he wasn’t

    • Hi, do you remember anyone by the name of Goodfellow?

  10. What a pleasant surprise to see Valerie Roberts’ photo from June 1953, with many of my classmates, taken on the steps of Mr Lane’s classroom. Have lost my copy long ago. I remember the play included some alpine dancing. My friend Fay Cooke is on the left side on the end, and her brother Ian must be there too, I am third from left. Happy memories of a really happy school, and yes, the teachers very strict. I remember we did many plays, singing at Birmingham Town Hall and performing and dancing in many different places. I had the pleasure of presenting Miss McGowan with a sundial on her retirement, which is still on the outside wall of the school. Would love to hear from other classmates.

  11. I remember when ‘The Shardenders’ came by coach to Twickenham Rd School, but can recall only one name, Trevor Quiggin. He was in the football team, may have been captain..

    I was also very frightened of Mr Hill, he and Mr Wane used the cane frequently, and I thank my lucky stars they were never my form teachers. Fond memories of Miss Rental, Miss Stanley and Mr Lane among others who were great teachers.

  12. Hi. My name is Esther Bateman nee Esther Cullen. I went to Twickenham Road School from 1950 till I was 11. It was such a good school but they had issues with me because I was I was a child of Irish heritage with too many siblings. In spite of this I believe I had a good education in spite of their prejudices against my family? My mother and father were a fantastic combination of intelligence and good parenting which has resulted in them having 14 good human beings who contribute beautifully to life. How clever were they? We all are so grateful for the genes we inherited. My daughter and her 3 grandchildren will be eternal grateful for Patricia and Patrick Cullen for their attention, parenting, love and care they gave me and my siblings. Life was difficult for them and my only regret is that I didn’t take more care of them.x

  13. I started attending twickeham infants school at the age of five (1934/5) my first day there,I and my best mate thought when it came to playtime,it was time to go home,that’s what we did,soon sent back though.
    my first teacher was a Miss Edwards lovely teacher.when it became your birthday,you were given two sweets and a badge to wear for the day
    Milk came in 1/3 of a pint for which we paid the princely sum of halfpenny.
    Every year sports day was held on the large grass area in front of the schoolwhich was great fun.
    i remember in the caretakers garden was a large model railwaywhich us lads always wanted to see it working.
    Following on from the infant’s it soon meant going into the juniors, M/s Mcgowan was the head teacher,she would arrive to school ina grey Austin seven,Teachers I remember were Mr Wayne who would play his violinfor some of the lesson,’s he took,Then as already mentioned was a M/s Mc]
    Gilicuddy,AlsoM/s Hurrel
    Gillicuddy,a Mr Hill M/s Hurell

  14. following on from the above (my PC had a funny turn) on Friday’s,we were allowed to bring comic’s and foreign stamps to exchange,during my years there war was iminent so we all had to carry our gas masks and were at times made to put them on
    Soon it was time to leave good old TJS and i was off to dear old Dulwich Rd. senior boy’s school.
    To be continued shortly

  15. I attended Twickenham Road school prob about 1955 and was in Miss Maguileyguddys class. My Dad had the same teacher when he started there as a child. We lived in Parkeston Crescent and my maiden name was June Bradley.

  16. best school ever. love most the teachers there, Loved Mr Lane, Great memories, 6 of us sibling went there, The Browns, In the 60s x

  17. I’m sure my teachers name was Mrs Blundell at Twickenham approx 1968

  18. My sojourn was 1939-1942,then Handsworth GS,met office,RAF then tech college lecturer in physics and applied maths.Frank was my neighbour at 152 Miss James taught us.

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