Posted by: Voices of Kingstanding | June 18, 2012

The rent book and rules for municipal housing tennants – Do you remember the rent man or housing inspectors?

Rent card from King’s Road

I have recently come across a rent book for King’s Road. I was really surprised at all the rules and regulations for Municipal housing tennants so I was wondering what your experiences were with the ‘rent man’ and inspectors from the council. On the Kettlehouse farm and warren farm estate were there gardening competitions to reward those who took good care of their front garden?



  1. I remember the rent man calling, it used to fascinate me to see and hear him writing on his pad.

  2. concerning rent— I am looking at a notice from the housing dept dated 4 Oct 1962 to my Dad [ I lived in Twickenham Rd] it was “rent adjustments”putting the rent up 3 shillings a week and If you didn’t agree it served as a notice to quit—little bit more complicated than that but thats what it meant..I do remember the rent man calling.

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