Posted by: Voices of Kingstanding | June 15, 2012

Coal Yard on Danesbury Crescent

I am trying to clarify the existance and  location of a coal yard on Danesbury Crescent (behind the swimming baths) during the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s. Please leave a comment if you can help. Many Thanks.



  1. Hi Folks

    My Name is George Vickers, I lived at 47 Enderby Road, Perry Common

    On many occasions at the age of 10 or 11 I called into the coal yard you mention, to pick up a barrow load of nutty slack J to add to the coal fire to make it last longer, things where hard for Mom & Dad in those days.

    The entrance was just passed the rear of the baths walking towards the top of Hawthorne Road and also passed the rear of the Ex Serviceman’s Club, a club my Dad George Snr worked behind the bar for many years.

    It was only a small coal yard and I remember the burly blokes, Shovelling the nutty slack into a sack and putting it into my barrow as if it were feathers. Hard men Hard times.

    I now live in “Auckland New Zealand” I’m 70 years young, emigrated in 1971, so suppose I’m now more a kiwi than a pom J.
    Simi retired life is good, still very active play golf 3 times a week, on a 17 HCP.

    If you would like to reply please contact me at

    Best wishes and thanks for reviving the memories.

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