Posted by: Voices of Kingstanding | June 8, 2012

Warren Farm Road clinic

This is a picture of the Warren’s farm Road clinic.  Please help me locate this building on Warren’s farm Road and please share any recollections you have of visiting it. I am also very interested to learn when it was demolishes.



  1. the clinic was down by College Road been there a few times in the forties
    when it was demolished I don’t know

  2. Oh my gosh! memories just came flooding back of visiting the clinic to pick up cod liver oil and orange juice :O)

    • Ooooh, Dorothy Capewell, I remember your name I think you were in my class at school, was it in the infants or juniors.

  3. If you go to 276 Warren farm road you will see a low, newish, building, that is approximately where the Clinic stood. Remember it quite well as I made several trips there with my mother back in the forties.

  4. I should have mentioned, `using GOOGLE EARTH` maps. sorry.

  5. I worked there from about 1990 when it was a rehab clinic. It was close to
    The corner of Warren Farm and College Rd facing the side of the pub

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